63 hr. Pre-License Narrated Video's

The Video's are for study purposes only. If you would like to take a FREC approved Pre Licensed Narrated Video Course for your Florida Real Estate License, visit our school website at www.rowlettrealestateschool.com 

State Exam Prep Videos

These videos consist of absolute statements to help prepare you for your state exam.

This course is being updated. Proposed finish date is February 2019. 

This course is now selling for 39.95

After the update, 49.95

Real Estate Math $29.95

Fractions, Decimals, and Percentages  -  Percentage Lease  -  Variable (Index) Lease  -  Subdividing Tracts  -  Net Listings  

Loan to Value Ratio LTV  -  Mortgage Origination Fee and Discount Points  -  HER and TOR  -  Amortization 

Commissions including Graduated Commissions  -  Percentage of Profit or Loss  -  Prorating Taxes, Rent, or Interest 

Documentary Stamp Taxes  -  Occupancy and Vacancy Rates  -  Sales Comparison Approach 

Comparative Square Foot Method  -  Accrued Depreciation  -  Lump Sum Age Life Method  -  Income Approach

Gross Rent and Income Multipliers   -  Leverage  -  Homestead Taxes  -  Property Tax Cost   -  Property Tax Savings   -  Special Assessments  -  Straight Line Depreciation

IRS Straight Line Method  -  Lots Per Acre  -  Storage Bins  -  All-inclusive math Practice Quiz

Florida Mutual Recognition $49.95




Florida has mutual recognition with 8 states: 49.95

Alabama, Arkansas, Connecticut, Georgia, Illinois, Mississippi, Nebraska, and Rhode Island.